Schush updates

September 21, 2009
by Lee Spector (lspector)

An updated version of Schush/SchushGP, a Scheme implementation of Push/PushGP, is now available from:

The recent changes are as follows:

20090919: - New shuffle algorithm (slightly slower but conses less, more elegant).
          - Removed number-list in favor of in-range (faster, conses less, more
            elegant, but PLT-specific).
20090920: - Added explicit copyright and GPL notice, replacing previous disclaimers.
          - Interpreter states now printed in human-friendly form by run-schush
            when called with print argument #t; based on code by Thomas Helmuth.

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  1.   maarten Says:

    Excellent, Lee. And good to see there’s a blog to post on.

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