Clojush enhancements: artificial ant, krypto, tg8, decimation

October 14, 2010
by Lee Spector (lspector)

A bunch of new stuff in Clojush, which you can find at github:

20101014: - [Artificial ant, krypto, tg8, decimation]
          - Added articial ant example from Koza (via Luke).
          - Added "tg8" integer symbolic regression problem.
          - Added krypto number puzzle example.
          - Added pushgp "decimation" feature, in which elimination
            tournaments, conducted after fitness testing, reduce the
            size of the population to a specified fraction of its original
            size (specified in a decimation-ratio argument to pushgp;
            the tournament sized is specified via decimation-tournament-size).
            The ordinary tournament-size parameter is still used for subsequent
            selection from the decimated population. Any specified trivial
            geography applies both to decimation and to subsequent selection.

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