Clojush lawnmower, tweaked ant

November 7, 2010
by Lee Spector (lspector)

I’ve added an example problem to Clojush for Koza’s lawnmower problem (from his GP II book, 1994). Koza used this problem to demonstrate the utility of ADFs, and it should be a good benchmark for modularity mechanisms more generally. From my first quick tests it looks like tags help quite a bit here. Of course it’s possible that other Push mechanisms will as well. From a Clojush hacking perspective this example might also be helpful insofar as it shows how to add a new type/stack without messing with the code in clojush.clj — I did this because Koza’s formulation of the lawnmower problem is based on 2-element integer vectors. Also in this update I’ve tweaked the parameters on the ant examples, after noticing that bloat is a real problem for these and that the simplification operator helps.

Available as usual from:

20101106: - Tweaked parameters in ant examples; among other things,
            increased simplification since bloat was an issue. Also
            added some evolved solutions in comments.
20101107: - Added Koza's lawnmower problem example; this demonstrates how
            to add a new type/stack on a problem-specific basis, without
            altering clojush.clj.

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