Clojush updated, on github

September 23, 2010
by Lee Spector (lspector)

Clojush has been updated in several ways (see below and note that a couple of changes will require changes to user code) and it has a new home on github. The new URL for the project is:

Recent updates:

20100918: - Created Eclipse project.
          - Deleted re-load/backtrace utils.
          - Removed shuffle, as it is now in clojure.core (in Clojure 1.2).
          - Removed gratuitous def in define-registered.
          - Added atom for instruction-table.
          - Added atom for registered-instructions; NOTE: requires user
            code that refers to registered-instructions to refer to
            @registered-instructions instead. (Example odd.clj changed
            to reflect this.)
          - Added to-do item "Convert structs to records, which should be
			faster. Experiments with Clojure 1.2 show this to be faster
            but there are not good examples yet to serve as the basis for
          - Added atoms for global-atom-generators and
          - Changed pushgp to take keyword arguments rather than a parameter
            map. NOTE: this requires calls to pushgp to be written differently.
            Updated examples to reflect this.
10200921: - Removed random-element in favor of rand-nth.
          - Cleaned up indentation, miscellaneous other cosmetic things.
          - Added namespaces for all example files.
          - Updated README to mention requirement for clojure 1.2 and to
            remove mention of ClojureX which has been discontinued.
          - Converted structures to records (a clojure 1.2 feature, should
            be faster).

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