Mackey-Glass, Pagie-Hogeweg, dynamic problems, and more (from Kyle)

August 9, 2011
by Lee Spector (lspector)

Kyle Harrington has contributed a bunch of new goodies to Clojush. Available as usual from:

20110809: - Several additions/enhancements by Kyle Harrington:
            - Converted problem-specific-report to a parameter in pushgp.
            - Added reporting of program repeat counts in population.
            - Added "error-reuse" parameter to pushgp for use in stochastic
              and dynamic problems (for which reuse would be turned off).
            - Added examples/mackey_glass_int.clj, a symbolic regression
              problem as described in Langdon & Banzhaf's 2005 paper
              (citation in file).
            - Added examples/pagie_hogeweg.clj problem, a difficult
              symbolic regression problem when coevolution is not used.
              Introduced by Pagie & Hogeweg's 1997 paper (citation in file).

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