Clojush project shuffle and minor updates

September 11, 2011
by Lee Spector (lspector)

I’ve switched my Clojure working environment from Eclipse/Counterclockwise to Clooj/Leiningen (these tools are available from and, and in the process the project structure has been recreated, a bit differently, and with some other changes made simultaneously (details below). Available as usual from:

20110911: - Switched from Eclipse to Clooj/Leiningen for development and  
            rearranged the project for this.
          - Added calls to end of all example files.
          - Examples can be run from the OS command line (assuming 
            that leiningen is available) with calls like:
              lein run examples.simple-regression
          - Added local-file dependency and used file* for file access.
          - Removed ant and tagged-ant examples because of bugs related
            to confusion of push interpreted states and ant world states.

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